I need some help with Set Analysis:

I am trying to use it in the table below for the column labeled test.  I am trying to get a sum([Best Dollar] for the date range specified by the start and end columns.

This returns results but it's naturaly static for each row of the table:

=Sum({$<AsAtDate={">=40959 and <=40960"}>}[Best Dollar])/1000

This is what I want to say but it returns 0

=Sum({$<AsAtDate={">=(num(floor(BroadcastWeekStart2))) and <=(num(floor(BroadcastWeekStart2)))+6"}>}[Best Dollar])/1000


This formula works and is what is used for the Start Column.  This  returns exlusive Broadcast Week Start date serial numbers for each line




How can I specify that the values or calculations used for the start and end columns are used in Set Analysis for the Test Field?


Thanks in advance: